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Cambodia Photos

Here are some pictures from the Cambodia trip I took in April and October 2003. 
To see more, click the photo album button at the bottom of the page.

Buddha image in the Banyon complex, Angkor Wat

A monk at Angkor Wat.
I took this at sunset. This picture has been published by The Nation newspaper in Bangkok. Fame!

An Aspara Dancer, Ta Phrom Complex

A View of Ankor Wat from Elephant Mountain
Elephant Mountain is about 2 km away

Angkor Wat Sunrise
This was taken at 0 oh my god its early! ( about 5.45am)

Angkor Wat from outside the main entrance
Taken at an even more ungodly hour of 5.35am

Choeung Ek
The Killing Fields outside Phnom Penn

Choeung Ek - The Killing Fields
Another reason not to eat MacDonalds - read the sign on the left.

Angkor Wat corridor at sunset.

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat - a sole visitor
and they say Angkor Wat is too crowded!

Ta Phrom
This is where some of Tomb Raider was filmed.

Sometimes the steps are steep!

Choeung Ek
The Killing Fields Memorial outside Phnom Penn

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