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Guest Book, Information Page and Site Update Details

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OK  This is the bit where I tell you what is happening and what has changed on the site.  The trouble is, at the moment, its everything and almost everyday.  So I will wait until it settles down before doing it in any detail.
01/08/03  New site goes live
What I will do is give you details of where I have got some of the stuff.  Links or buttons will also be included :)
Bravenet is a good place to get counters, the discussion board, polls and things.  ( If you like them, please sign up from my site as I get a little money :)   )

Freesticky is great for a wide range of things.  Its where I got the weather forecast on the home page for example.

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Go on then, I dare you!  Leave a message in my guestbook.

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Well, this is the end of the site, so as I am a fan of Formula 1, I suppose a chequered flag is appropriate.
Bye All!