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Making Money From The Web?

Is it still possible?


There ARE still some ways to make money from the internet. But unfortunately, most of the easy ways are now gone and what remains is relatively hard work.

Mostly its a case of dont give up the day job but with relatively small effort you can still get some money for nothing. If you get an email saying I made millions last money, delete and continue dreaming. Most of these involve buying over produced or graded stock and selling it on ebay or the "send me $10 and I will tell you how to make millions". You send the money and in return get a note saying you send emails to everyone saying send me $10 and I will tell you how to make millions.

I will try and outline the various ways to get some extra cash below. I am going only really outline extra cash earning not to replace a full time job. Amongst them are filling in surveys, having adverts on your personal web site, doing mystery shopping, writing opinions etc

Web Sites
1) Have a great idea, create your own web site and sell things.
Lots of hard work, requires a good business plan, technical knowledge or the money to pay someone who has to create the site for you.

2) Have adverts on your personal web site.
This can be comparatively little work. Some basic sites - Yahoo, Lycos etc - let you create a web site with very little knowledge of Java at all. Then its a case of going to a site called


It has lots of companies that will pay you for redirecting vistors to their sites or for buying something. You in effect become an agent. This is a very easy way to do it as everything is automatically updated and tracked for you. Just choose the companies you want to advertise, the adverts and bingo.

You could really describe it as money for nothing as the people who look at the web site could be doing it when you sleep. But, you need to have a fair amount of traffic to generate a good amount of cash, otherwise you will earn 5 pence here 5 pence there. If you have a web site, why not earn that little bit extra?

Consumer Opinions
Coming soon